The Foundation Famiglia Piccolo di Calanovella is at Capo d’Orlando. Its a pretty seaside village that faces the Tyrrnhenian sea which is situated north of the sicilian cost, halfway between Palermo and Messina.
The site of the foundation is a villa that is located over a green promontory in Capo d’Orlando, above the sea. The amazing position allows to enjoy a splendid view, from which one can observe the Aeolian islands. They appear with warm colors that include a variety of greenish- grey tonalities, vivid blue, and violet reflexes. The colors appear to change in accordance with the climate changes, the position of the sun and the passage from season to season.  Sometimes it is possible to observe an optic effect called “Fata Morgana”. This optic effect, presents certain atmospheric conditions, when the dark shape of the islands seem to loom over you, while the sea turns into an emerald green.
On the west side one can notice the Nebrodi mountains, where an extensive natural park is collocated. The nature life and the beauty of this park has been preserved. The park is also home to protected wild animals that live freely in its forests and lakes.
The building was built in the first years of the nine hundreds. It’s structure presents an elegant archetectonic line. The style of the building is the one typical of the aristocratic sicilian houses of the end of the nineteenth century. They presented a double stairway and an austere structure.
The foundation building was the house of the poet Lucio Piccolo from his adult year till death. He lived there with his mother and siblings Casimiro and Agata Giovanna. He lived with them until the moment of his death, at the age of sixtynine in 1969, after a heart attack.
Maybe today the foundation wouldn’t have existed if there hadn’t been an adventurous and tormented story in its past. But it is best to start at the beginning.
The inhabitants of Villa Piccolo descend from a noble family that belonged to the highest sicilian aristocracy. A family rich in traditions and history.
The family founder was Casimiro. He married Agata Moncada Notarbartolo, a widow and mother of two. From this union Giuseppe and Teresa were born. Giuseppe Piccolo, male heir, married Teresa Tasca Filangeri of Cutò, daughter of the princess Giovanna Filangeri of Cutò.
Before this marriage, this young seventeen year old heiress had married Lucio Mastrogiovanni Tasca Lanza count of Almerita in 1867. This first husband of hers had managed to make her inheritance flurish and grow even more.
From this marriage Alessandro, Beatrice (mother of the writer Giuseppe Tomasi of Lampedusa), Teresa, Nicoletta, Maria, and Giulia were born. Pia, another daughter of theirs, died at the age of twelve after an attack of meningitis. Her body was embalmed.

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