A-” He wanted to discover the official ties between the american Mano Nera americana and the Sicilian mafia.  Joe Petrosino brought on this mission in Sicily with full autonomy and secrecy, he also refused help from offered by the Sicilian police force and investigators. The reason behind this refusal is the fear that their could be some secret agreement between the Italian mafia and the state forces. That was a risk that if proven to be true, could jeopardize the whole mission. Even though he kept away from any possible risk he was victim of a fatal attack. It is known  who killed him but not who ordered the job. That today still has no responsible. At present we still don’t know who divulged the information that he was in Sicily. ”
Q- “One could think: how is it possible that a smart and expert like Joe Petrosino fell into the homicidal trap linked to his arrival to Palermo? ”
A-” Joe Petrosino must have trusted giving this information to one of his colleagues that then betrayed him. Joe Petrosino wasn’t armed the night he was killed. This demonstrates that he was in company of people he trusted that night. His gun was found in the room he was staying in. Even though it has been proven that the assassination was organized in Palermo from the boss Cascio Ferro, it still isn’t clear how such precious information got to the criminal organization. In particular, information about his movements in Sicily.”
Q-” Can you notice some similarities with the story of  Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino? History that repeats its self? Has nothing changed compared to before?”
A–” Yes, I do notice some similarities. Some of which appear to be noticed more if we consider the link between state and Mafia, that still has to find its end. We have to take in account the different communication methods of the time, beginning of the 1900. It was very different from the ones of today. Back then an assassination had to be planned up to the very last detail.
Q- “As a writer with a focus in investigations, how do you consider the Mafia phenomena at present? Can we still consider it today as an organization that operates on an international level? ”
A-“Yes, the Mafia phenomena operates on an international level with the sole purpose of gaining money. Thanks to its international interests, the organization has in immense capital.  That is why I am of the opinion that the matter has to be solved by an international forces considering the international weight that the Mafia has.  An international coordination of the investigative and police forces of the nations involved is needed. “

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