The Sicilian writer Anna maria Corradini is trying to explain these facts by answering some of the questions that “La Voce” asked:
Q- “Doctor Corradini, in the past years you had the chance to write many works. How did you develop and interest for Joe Petrosinos story?”
A-“The interest in this story was born thanks to a causality,while I worked at the historical archives of Palermo when I was the responsible. The administration asked me to check the old files we possessed and in the big pile I examined I found the whole dossier regarding the investigation about the assassination of Joe Petrosino. This is when my work began, and from which two editions were born. The second one completes the first one.  It’s a book that is based on legal, court judgements and articles of the time.”
Q- “What do you think that the Italian- American investigator wanted to find out while  in Sicily? ”
A-” He wanted to discover the official ties between the american Mano Nera americana and the Sicilian mafia.  Joe Petrosino brought on this mission in Sicily with full autonomy and secrecy, he also refused help from offered by the Sicilian police force and investigators. The reason behind this refusal is the fear that their could be some secret agreement between the Italian mafia and the state forces. That was a risk that if proven to be true, could jeopardize the whole mission. Even though he kept away from any possible risk he was victim of a fatal attack. It is known  who killed him but not who ordered the job. That today still has no responsible. At present we still don’t know who divulged the information that he was in Sicily. “

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