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“What political system do you refer to with the word Oligarchy?” (literally: government for the few) – The constitution founded on census,  in which the rich govern, while the poor cant participate in the power[…]Ambitious men that want to affirm themselves and receive honor, and then become business men[…] they hand the public roles to the rich, and despise the poor. […]

“This state of being belongs to both of the categories: rich and poor ” These are the words of Socrates in the VIII book of the work of Platone, La Repubblica. The period is the one between the V and IV century before Christ. He also affirms :In the oligarchies the governors, since they are negligent and allow a dissolute life,  have sometimes forced to a life of poverty men that weren’t ignoble. These governors live lazily in the city always protected by weapons. Some are full of debts, some dont posses civil rights, some have both these issues; and are full of hate. The poor also dream about a revolution. […]  The business men lower their heads and pretend not to notice them at all […]they make sure that their sole interest is money. […] Democracy is born when the poor have won and killed some of their opposers, and have sent some of them in exile. In addition they also  share with who is left, in an equal way, the government and the public roles […]
Maybe, of all the constitutions this one is the best one, like a colorful cloak covered with flowers of every kind, even this that is a real mosaic can appear beautiful […]Let’s divide the democratic state in three classes […] The first one is created like in the oligarchic state, […]in the democracy this class is a predominant element […]everything is administrated by this class. In a part of population we can recognize another class, a class of parasites. The third class is the rest of the population: all those people that work for themselves […]people that have very small possessions. […]
Isn’t the population always keen to put in charge, in a predominant position, one only figure, maintain him, and make him grow ? […] “Every time a tyrant is born, he always rises from the roots of his protector”. This is what Platone talked about 2500 years ago and it appears to be happening today.  The changes that are happening at present seem to fully resemble what is written in the work Repubblica.
What is happening in Italy and Europe is a phenomena that consists in fast political transformations with a dramatic involution of a consolidated socio-economic system. All this written above is a direct consequence of a long financial crisis that has been brought on by the power of the great world of finance. Democracy in Italy is dying. Corruption pervaded every sector, parties and leaders are more and more influenced by lobbyists. Democracy is becoming a “oligarchic democracy” like Platone said. It’s in gradual disruption. The democratic rules are more a more disobeyed and as a consequence the populations needs and rights are not being met.  An oligarchic government concentrates big quantity of money – in the italian case millions of euros – in a oligarchic financial system, that modifies the quality of life of millions of citizens through acts of austerity.
The parliament, that should aim for the needs of all, obeys to this oligarchic government. The population becomes a powerless spectator that can only build up rage and hostility. The voice of the people are silenced by mass medias.  When the economic crisis gets worse , the investors demand higher interest taxes, thats when the government uses austerity measures.
The differences show more and that’s when the oligarchic nature of the government comes out. The workers start to notice the diminishing of their stipend, salary, pension , working conditions become worse, the dream of their future carrier disappears. The power is in the hands of elite of bankers, with the excuse that in this moment of crisis we need a state administrated by technical experts, apolitical and without personal interest. In reality these experts accept this role for personal interest. These roles are so important that they are executed in financial institutes and have an international importance. They regulate entire states through the capitalistic power. These elements are important to properly understand this new ruling class. These technocrats, apolitical, calm, insensitive to any form of social protest, depend on the foreign banks for their nominees and activities in the bank. One can consider them as tools or direct representatives of the european and american banks.
In all this chaos, the people who work for the public structures risk to lose their jobs, they cant retire because the law raised the age of retirement, the salaries are reduced drastically and a long term job contract is almost a dream.
The companies are being sold to foreign capitalists, this leads to internal radical change and cuts in staff. This, as a result, leads to elderly unemployment. Everything becomes precarious. This situation seems to lead towards a dictatorship of capitalism. Platone talks about the clear division between the three classes present in a democratic state that is showing signs of a break down. One is the oligarchic class, that comands, and is composed by the government of few people that withhold economic power. Another class is formed by a passive and parasitical part of the population that gains enrichment through the first class by living in their shadow. The last class is the rest of the population, that lives of work, trying to survive as best as it can with the possibilites it is given. Platone is trying to explain how tyranny is born from a democracy that collapses, in which anarchy takes over. The tyrant always presents him self as a protector at first. One who wants to work for the well being of the population. In reality what he really aims for is to obtain and use power. This is what is happening at present with the forming of a capitalistic regime. This type of politics of the lobbies and finances is disguised with “necessary reforms” to save and prevent from failure.
After the fascist regime and the one of the Greek colonels, we had never witnessed again such a strong crisis of democratic rights. The government uses the fear of the population, prospecting a catastrophe that cannot be solved, all this activates a general and total despair.
The only way to prevent this catastrophe is to swallow the medicine pill that this oligarchic government hands out as the only solution.
While cures to this illness are handed out, unemployment raises, many more people get fired, with the hope that welfare will return thanks to these harsh methods. These technocrats manage to portray a clean and reliable image of the government.
They want people to believe that they are somehow resolving the political paralysis and the internal conflicts between parties. The technocratic dictators manage to expose a positive image. In addition they make the population passively accept these policies thanks to the help of the mass media. If the people didn’t stand by this new democracy the old politicians would use this at their advantage.  They would obtain the populations approval by promising them the abolition of a capitalistic regime, and recreate the old corrupted political system. These political oligarchs, once restored their old power, would continue their work of lies, continuing the recession process. This is what could happen, but it’s only an hypothesis.

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