The lives of every member of this family have been both adventurous and drammatic.
Giuseppe Piccolo married the pretty Teresa Tasca Filangeri of Cutò, who gave him three children: Agata Giovanna, Casimiro, and Lucio.
They all conducted a brilliant life in Palermo. Giuseppe, gambler and lady charmer, spent all his money on vices and hobbies. After conducting a very expensive life and collecting a large amount of debts, abbandons the family and escapes to Sanremo with a dancer. Teresa, who was left alone with the debts, mortgages, and financial disaster, decidd to leave Palermo and live in the country house in the countryside of Capo d’Orlando. She also forced her children to live with her in isolation.
Their world revolved and ended in the villa on the valley, surrounded by a splendid park.
This voluntary exile was not sterile, in fact Villa Piccolo became a place of culture and will hosted many gatherings that included relatives and people of importance in the arts and literary world.
Lucio Piccolo, became a poet. He was discovered by Eugenio Montale. He dedicated his life to his passion for poetry and stayed in contact with important people in the world of poetry and the literary world such as: Yeats, Pound, Pasolini, Montale, Piovene.
Casimiro, who was an esoterist, photographer, and original painter, isolated himself in a world of dreams and mysteries. He was very involved in spirtual rituals, painting and photography.
Agata Giovanna, expert in natural sciences, created a magnific botanic garden, embellished with rare exotic plants.
Beatrice married the prince of Lampedusa, and was the mother Giuseppe Tomasi. He spent alot of time at Villa Piccolo, hosted by his cousins, with whom he had a strong bond. He wrote about this famous villa in his work “Gattopardo”.
The prince Alessandro Mastrogiovanni Tasca of Cutò, married a beautiful polish noble woman. She was called Ama by everybody. She gave her husband two children, Alessandro Junior and Gioia. After having spent a great life in Palermo, he ended up bankrupt. The bankruptcy was due to his commitment in founding the sicilian fascist group.
Maria a morphine addict, suffered from a mental illness.
Giulia, the prettiest of the Cutò sisters, married the count Trigona. She became a lady at the court of queen Elena. She was assassinated by her lover. Her death caused a great scandal that was never forgotten.

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